By Anthony Breznican
September 14, 2018 at 12:40 PM EDT

Allen Ginsberg inspired a Star Wars villain. Goofballs Tag and Bink appear in a deleted scene. And Thandie Newton should have been given more to do.

These revelations are among 18 behind-the-scenes stories revealed by Solo screenwriter Jon Kasdan, who decided to give a peek behind the scenes Friday as the movie debuts on home video as a digital download.

Kasdan co-wrote the script with his father, Lawrence Kasdan (mentioned in the tweet as LK), who also co-wrote the scripts for The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens.

The younger Kasdan describes some unused concepts, explains why some scenes were deleted, and highlights the contributions of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who were removed from the film in the midst of production due to disputes with Lucasfilm (They are P & C in the tweet. RH is Ron Howard, who stepped in to finish the movie.)

Jon also tells fans that Han is orphaned not because his parents died, but because he ran away from his abusive father, who is mentioned in the film as a worker in the shipbuilding industry, manufacturing freighters like the Millennium Falcon. He says he thinks Han’s father is still alive, although he’s probably “drinking himself to death.”

There’s also a hint of future movies: “Qi’ra casually references an Ithorian antiquities dealer named Dok-Ondar. Remember that name. You’ll see it again someday.”

At the very end, Jon Kasdan also says what he thinks would have to happen for there to be a sequel. Spoiler: a smaller production budget.

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