By Clark Collis
September 13, 2018 at 02:00 PM EDT

In the new thriller The Dead Center, a mysterious John Doe wakes up in a body bag and finds his way to a hospital’s psychiatric ward, where he becomes the charge of a devoted doctor who’s fascinated by the man’s claims of being controlled by a “blackness” inside him. Meanwhile, a curious medical examiner searches for clues into the cause of the man’s disappearance. As the two men are drawn deeper John Doe’s psychosis, they start to realize the truth might be more sinister and ancient than they ever dared imagine.

The Dead Center is directed by Billy Senese (Closer to God) and features a rare appearance by Shane Carruth, the writer-director-star of 2004’s Primer and 2013’s Upstream Color, as the aforementioned doctor. Jeremy Childs, Bill Feehely, and Poorna Jagannathan costar.

Senese’s film will make its world premiere Sept. 21 as part of the L.A. Film Festival, at the ArcLight Culver City. Watch an exclusive teaser for The Dead Center above.