By James Hibberd
September 13, 2018 at 09:09 AM EDT

Henry Cavill is reacting to the totally uncertain news that he will never play Superman again.

The actor and his annoying perfect cheekbones took to Instagram to post this message to followers reacting/non-reacting to the news with WTF-ian playfulness.

So, yeah, that happened!

To recap, THR first posted Cavill was finished playing Superman in Warner Bros. films on Wednesday. But studio sources and Cavill’s manager then jumped in and cautioned that wasn’t necessarily the case (“the cape is still in his closet”). Either way, Cavill isn’t contracted for any new Superman projects at this point and who knows what Warner Bros. is going to do with these movies and Cavill is heading off to film The Witcher for Netflix. So this could be one of those “even if it’s not entirely true now it will likely end up being true eventually” stories.

At any rate, we’ll always have the Krypton Lifting Team.


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