Credit: Parrish Lewis/Focus Features

Giving up complete control to restore order is a chilling concept, but one nevertheless introduced in the first teaser trailer for Captive State, an alien invasion film from Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt.

The film picks up 10 years out from when aliens took over the planet and formed a new governing body called The Legislature. John Goodman and Moonlight‘s Ashton Sanders star in Captive State, and while the cryptic teaser exists as a warning shot for viewers, a viral marketing website launched by Focus Features offers more background on this alternate reality.

The Legislature “established control” to “save humanity from itself,” the history of this new America reads. It introduced advanced tech to reduce crime and appointed select humans for “higher ranking positions in government and law enforcement to monitor society.”

Credit: Parrish Lewis/Focus Features

“The United State of America” — note State is singular — “no longer experiences the petty division and strife that previously befell them,” it continues. “Instead the Home of the Brave celebrates unity, embracing The Legislature that saved the country and the world.”

Goodman plays Chicago Police Officer Mulligan, a man considering retirement prior to “The First Contact” but “felt a renewed energy” with “the Glorious Arrival.” There’s mention of a “Phoenix” rebel organization and “Wicker Park dissidents.” Based on the poster, it seems Sanders’ character, seen engulfed in red smoke, is a part of the resistance.

According to the logline, the story “explores the lives on both sides of the conflict — the collaborators and dissidents.”

Credit: Focus Features

Jonathan Majors, Colson Baker, and Vera Farmiga also star in Captive State, which Wyatt wrote with Erica Beeney (The Battle of Shaker Heights).

The film will be released in theaters on March 29, 2019.

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