By Ruth Kinane
September 12, 2018 at 12:47 PM EDT

Toronto: The home of the annual international film festival, the C.N. Tower and a soon-to-be-very-busy coffee shop named Grinder after heartthrob and movie star Gosling stopped by for a visit on Monday.

It all began when the small café began persistently tweeting photos of a cardboard cutout of Gosling with a Grinder-branded mug in hand just chilling at the Toronto establishment. Adopting the hashtag #RyanNeedsGrinder, the store’s owner Joelle Murray began an online campaign to bring the star into her coffee shop during his visit to city for TIFF.

“Good news we are back on twitter cause Monday begins our #ryanneedsgrinder. Come have coffee with us @RyanGosling while you are in town for #TIFF2018,” read the campaign’s initial tweet.

It wasn’t long before the Grinder Twitter account brought in other influential faces to convince Gosling he needed a cup of coffee from this particular spot. Yes, that’s the mayor of Toronto, John Tory, posing with cardboard Gosling.

When the real Gosling still failed to visit, Murray and the other Grinder staff declared they would commit to 10 days of tweeting until the actor showed up. Posting imploring tweets like: “See @RyanGosling we are very dedicated to our campaign” and “Come on, the whole city is behind this now.” Another tweet showed numerous fans posing with the cutout and suggesting that Gosling himself might enjoy taking pics with his own cardboard double if he were to just stop by.

Perhaps worried the actor hadn’t shown up yet simply because he couldn’t find the coffee shop, Grinder then provided directions via tweet to the star.

The night before the TIFF premiere of the actor’s upcoming movie, the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, Grinder felt Gosling needed to relax and took the cutout for a massage. “We think you need a Me day to prepare,” read the caption. “May we suggest a #matchalatte with a fresh new do and a massage.”

By day 7, Murray tried using a fake “statement” from Idris Elba to try and ensnare Gosling. “Idris Elba releases statement apologizing for last year’s no show,” she wrote. “An anonymous source says Gosling beyond mad, as the timing is on the same day as the #FirstMan premiere. Gosling consulting with lawyers and @JustinTrudeau for legal next steps.”

And then (!!), the day after Gosling arrived in Toronto, the need for caffeine finally struck and the actor stopped by Grinder, proving that Twitter campaigns really can make dreams come true (or that actors on movie press tours get really tired). Murray cuddled up to Gosling in the posted photo, writing: “The man himself showed up. What a good sport, a well brought up Canadian boy. We truly appreciate Ryan taking the time the time to visit us during #tiff. Take that @idriselba your loss.”

Someone find out how Elba takes his coffee STAT.