Revenge-thriller is released, Sept. 14

Is it possible for any trailer to capture the beauty and barbarism of the Nicolas Cage-starring revenge-thriller, Mandy (out Friday)? Actually, yes. The film’s director and cowriter Panos Cosmatos has tweeted out a Japanese promo clip which goes a long way to capturing the extreme flavors of a movie which EW’s Chris Nashawaty correctly described as a “fever dream of a film” after seeing it at this year’s Sundance Festival.

In the movie, Cage’s lumberjack Red and Andrea Riseborough’s artist Mandy enjoy a peaceful forest-dwelling existence until it is violently interrupted by a home invasion masterminded by a cult leader (Linus Roache).

“All hell breaks loose,” says Cage. “This cult leader needs of Mandy all to himself, and winds up recruiting these bikers, and they’re sort of supernatural. They all come in and try to take Mandy, and give Mandy to the cult leader, and what happens is quite tragic, and Red goes on a tear to get vengeance.”

Watch that Japanese trailer, above.

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  • 121 minutes