The film will be released in select New York and Los Angeles theaters — and on Netflix — on Sep. 21

This may be the trailer for Netflix’s Quincy Jones documentary, but there’s no mention of his alleged romantic past with one-time Bluth Company assistant Starla, so we’re not sure how authentic this project really is. (If you haven’t watched the early seasons of Arrested Development, we’ll swiftly move on.)

With Quincy, premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival this Sunday, directors Rashida Jones (Quincy’s daughter) and Alan Hicks salute the music producer/trumpeter/conductor/composer/arranger who changed the industry and mentored the talents of Michael Jackson, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey.

The new trailer is set to “Soul Bossa Nova,” a Jones original that was released in 1962 and went on to become synonymous with Austin Powers. Celebrities like Smith, Kendrick Lamar, and Lady Gaga gush about Jones’ influence through a mixture of archival footage and behind-closed-doors moments, but Quincy also tracks the life of Jones, including his health struggles.

Jones had been rushed to a Los Angeles hospital in 2015 after experiencing shortness of breath, though he was later released and a publicist confirmed he was “fine.” Footage of a hospital stay is spotted in the trailer and Rashida, who previous directed Hot Girls Wanted for Netflix, is heard interviewing her dad in various moments.

“You only live 26,000 days. I’m gonna wear it all out,” Jones says.

Credit: Netflix

Quincy will be released in select New York and Los Angeles theaters — and on Netflix — on Sep. 21.