'Conjuring' universe horror film is released, Sept. 7

By Clark Collis
September 04, 2018 at 11:48 AM EDT

Horror fans can expect terror and adventure when the new Conjuring universe film The Nun is released Sept. 7, according to director Corin Hardy.

“What really got me sold when I read the script is that which it’s got more of an adventure quality to it,” says the filmmaker. “Father Burke (Demian Bechir) [is] a sort of grizzled priest who’s hired by the Vatican to take a novitiate nun in training, played by Taissa [Farmiga], and investigate some sort of mysterious death that’s happened in an Abbey in Romania. They meet Frenchie the delivery man (Jonas Bloquet), who’s found the body, and they have to go to the Abbey of Saint Carta and determine if the grounds are still holy or if they’ve been compromised.”

How much spooky stuff ensues? A lot, judging by three new clips which have just been released from the film. Watch one of those clips above and the other two, below.

The Nun is released in theaters on Sept. 7.