New film from director of chilling 'Last Shift' is released Sept. 28

By Clark Collis
August 31, 2018 at 12:00 PM EDT

Director Anthony DiBlasi has brought us some of the more chilling and disturbing indie-horror movies of recent years, including 2014’s Last Shift, about a haunting at a police station. Now, the filmmaker returns with Extremity, a terror tale set an an “extreme” haunt.

“Extreme haunts are places that take the haunted house experience to the next level,” DiBlasi says. “[It’s for] people who want to be in a living horror movie. A lot of these places are almost like boot camps — people are touched, bound. There are no rules, a couple of them don’t have safe words, there’s no way out. It’s a way for people to ‘safely’ put themselves into a horror movie and feel like they’re really at jeopardy.”

Extremity stars Dana Christina (Wynonna Earp) as a young woman named Allison who signs up for a trip to an extreme haunt called Perdition in the hope of exorcising her demons.

“She’s looking for a release, and she’s thrown into this environment which is totally not the right place for her, and it ends up triggering a lot of her issues,” says DiBlasi. “I think the big thing that’s interesting is, for a lot of these places, you don’t know who you’re inviting in to your haunted house, you know? [Laughs] You don’t know what how that person may react to the experiences you’re going to put them through.

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The cast also includes Japanese director Yoshihiro Nishimura, while the masks worn in the film were designed by the late Simon Sayce, who created the iconic puzzle box in the original Hellraiser film. “There are several ‘hero’ masks in the film, which the villains wear,” says DiBlasi. “These things look amazing on camera.”

And is the director himself a fan of extreme haunts?

“Not really,” he says. “I’m fascinated by the psychology of the people that run it and the people that want to go into it. [But] I have no desire to put myself through that.”

Extremity is written by David Bond and Rebecca Swan and costars Chad Rook, Natalie Victoria, and J. LaRose. Dread Central Presents is giving the film a limited theatrical run from Sept. 28 and the movie will be released on VOD and Blu-Ray, Oct. 2.

Exclusively, watch the — rather disturbing — trailer for Extremity, above.

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