A Private War

Though she lost an eye in the field, real-life Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin never lost sight of capturing groundbreaking reporting in some of the most dangerous, war-torn regions on earth. And now Oscar-nominated actress Rosamund Pike is bringing her ill-fated story to the big screen with a tense new trailer for her upcoming biopic A Private War.

A timely project billed as taking place in “a world where journalism is under attack,” Colvin traverses conflicts around the globe “to give voice to the voiceless,” according to the film’s synopsis. The new trailer teases her tumultuous journey from Sri Lanka — where an unexpected explosion claimed her left eye — to her confrontations with domineering dictators. The film focuses on her most dangerous mission, however, one which sees Colvin teaming with war photographer Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan) to visit the Syrian city of Homs, where, in 2012, she ultimately lost her life to an explosive device filled with nails.

Colvin’s family reportedly distanced themselves from the project before production began, though Pike previously stressed to EW the film isn’t a “fraudulent” take on the late journalist’s life, but rather captures “the truth…. without being an actual documentary.”

“There’s a word that people often use with courageous people, that they’re fearless, and I think it’s interesting because she had fear and did what she did anyway,” Pike continued. “It’s feeling your fear and then having the courage to put one foot in front of the other no matter how afraid you are, to carry on doing what you believe in. I’m interested in the cost of life choices. What is the cost of living any kind of extreme conviction, vision, passion? Anything that pushes your life beyond what most of your peers are experiencing. What is the cost of the fractured life that you necessarily lead?”

A Private War — costarring Stanley Tucci and directed by Oscar-nominated Cartel Land documentarian Matthew Heineman as his feature narrative debut — opens in limited release on Nov. 2 with nationwide expansion to follow on Nov. 16. Watch the film’s new trailer above.

A Private War
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