By Seija Rankin
August 23, 2018 at 11:30 AM EDT

These days it can be impossible to decide what deserves your time. The peak TV phenomenon is real, and there are only so many hours of the day that one can spend on the couch devoting themselves to their DVR. Summer isn’t exactly synonymous with prestigious film content, but this is peak action movie season. The theaters are chock-a-block full of thrillers of every variety: action-comedies, buddy pics, and spy thrillers.

And since MoviePass has let the public down yet again, a person needs to be basically Rockefeller status to have the budget to hit every action flick at their local AMC. We would never recommend breaking the bank just to keep up with the pop culture Joneses, but seeing at least one of this season’s offerings will give you plenty to debate at your next office happy hour. Plus, what is warm weather for if not to escape into the dark abyss of commercial-grade air conditioning?

Now that summer ’18’s action lineup is fully unveiled, EW is here to help you decide which franchise deserves your hard-earned dollars. Because for every Ethan Hunt stan there’s a person who just needs to see a giant CGI shark. Take our quiz to find out your cinematic destiny.

Illustration by Uyen Cao for EW

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