If Deadpool director Tim Miller had stuck around for the sequel, then it apparently could have been much more fantastic.

In a series of illustrations on Instagram, Alexander Lozano, who served as a storyboard artist on Deadpool, revealed that Miller had planned to feature the Fantastic Four in Deadpool 2. And judging on the art, the idea was to bring back the cast from 2015’s critical and commercial bust Fantastic Four, which starred Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, and Kate Mara.

After steering 2016’s Deadpool to great (and surprise) success, Miller dropped out of the sequel over “mutual creative differences” with star Ryan Reynolds. David Leitch would end up stepping in for Deadpool 2, while Miller is currently working on the latest Terminator film.

Bringing back the cast of Fantastic Four after the film had flopped might seem like a surprise, but the possibility of making fun of the characters does align with Deadpool‘s brand of humor.

Lozano also shared the character designs for Miller’s versions of Domino, Juggernaut, and Cable, who all did make the final cut for Deadpool 2.

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