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If you have watched the trailer for A Star is Born (or have it on a continuous loop like myself), you’ve probably noticed the incredible soundtrack and the vocals by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

While we’ve all heard Gaga crush a song, it’s Cooper who definitely surprises with his voice. When asked if she put him through rock star boot camp, Gaga tells EW, “I wouldn’t say that I put him through it — I would say that he did the work. He was in the studio with us all the time and without me a lot of times. What I wanted for him more than anything was for him to discover that he already was a musician and that it just had to come out of him.”

Adds Cooper, “I grew up loving music. I also always felt like I had, like, six characters in me and one of them is a musician. I loved to sing privately. I thought, ‘One day I could maybe pull that off.’ It really was the confidence she had in me that I would just find it.”

When it came to writing the music for the film, Cooper and Gaga say that the process happened organically. Born‘s all-star team of collaborators includes Lukas Nelson (Willie Nelson’s son who also appears in the film), Mark Ronson, Jason Isbell, Dave Cobb, Paul Kennerley, and Hillary Lindsey.

“It was an evolution, like the story. It went hand in hand,” says Cooper. “We knew the story we wanted to tell, and then the music really became a character in the movie. There is no lyric that’s ever in any point of the movie that doesn’t have exactly to do with where one of them is or hopes to be or regrets being. That was our launching pad and then it was just about discovering what songs fit in the right places. We had wonderful songwriters that helped us and it was just an exploration. That’s the only way I know how to do it — you have to go to work every day with the people that you want to work with and try to create something.” Adds Gaga, “There were so many songs too, so many different incarnations of each song. We were writing songs during the filming.”

A Star Is Born (2018)
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