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The superhero world is filled with iconic duos — Batman and Robin, Cap and Bucky, Rocket and Groot — but rarely are a pair as close as Eddie Brock and Venom. And when we say close, we mean literally: Eddie (Tom Hardy) is a scandal-plagued journalist, and Venom is the alien symbiote who’s invaded his body.

Together, they form one antihero, pairing Eddie’s investigative acumen and Venom’s penchant for biting off heads.

“They’re a bit lost in this world, and finding each other and negotiating an ethical framework is perhaps a gift and a burden for the two of them,” Hardy tells EW. “They bring out the very best and the very worst in each other.”

As part of EW’s Fall Movie Preview issue, we have an exclusive new still from the film, which shows Venom in all his slimy, black-and-white glory.

Credit: Columbia Pictures

The movie follows Eddie as he learns to cope with his new powers, all while investigating the mysterious Life Foundation led by Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake.

“Usually a human gets imbued with powers or an alien comes from outer space and has to figure out how to live on our Earth,” director Ruben Fleischer previously told EW. “But this is really about a relationship between two people who have to work together to create this hybrid symbiotic relationship.”

Venom will hit theaters Oct. 5.

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