By Nick Romano
August 09, 2018 at 03:09 PM EDT
Marvel (2)

While Sony’s slate of films based on characters within the Spider-Man universe (but not Spider-Man himself) continues to firm up, a possibility has arisen for the planned Silver Sable and Black Cat joint movie to be split into two separate films, EW has learned.

Silver & Black was once meant to hit theaters on Feb. 8, 2019, but the studio pulled the project from its schedule. We’re told that film, intended for director Gina Prince-Bythewood, is back in development, but there’s now also the potential for it to be spun off. Nothing at this point is set in stone and, as many know about the Hollywood development process, things can change.

Variety was the first to report the news, while also citing comments made by Columbia Pictures President Sanford Panitch: “We believe Black Cat is enough of her own character with a great backstory and a canon of material to draw from to justify her own film.” The trade, as well as Deadline, reports Prince-Bythewood is expected to fall off Silver & Black and that the first of the split films will likely feature Black Cat.

Again, nothing is cemented just yet.

Felicia Hardy (a.k.a. Black Cat) found herself living a life of crime, thanks to her traumatic past, but she sets aside her burgling to try her hand at being a hero later in the comics. Silver Sable, meanwhile, is the leader of a group of mercenaries that hunt down wanted criminals. Gamers will see the character pop up in Marvel’s Spider-Man video game for PlayStation consoles.

Venom, starring Tom Hardy and directed by Ruben Fleischer, will be the first of Sony’s Spider-Man-based films and will hit theaters on Oct. 5. Also in the works, Jared Leto will star as the “Living Vampire” Morbius in a movie directed by Daniel Espinosa, while the studio is looking at developing films based on characters Silk, Jackpot, and Nightwatch.

“Spider-Man connects to a lot of the characters,” Panitch told Variety. “There are villains, heroes, and antiheroes, and a lot are female characters, many of whom are bona fide, fully dimensionalized, and utterly unique.”