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In the beautiful, berserk revenge-thriller Mandy (out Sept. 14), Nicolas Cage’s lumberjack Red and Andrea Riseborough’s artist Mandy enjoy a peaceful forest-dwelling existence until it is violently interrupted by a home invasion masterminded by a cult leader (Linus Roache).

“What happens is quite tragic,” says Cage. Red goes on a tear of vengeance, leading to fight scenes against members of a drug-fueled biker gang — which the actor shot while recovering from an injury he endured while shooting an earlier film.

“I was coming off a broken ankle,” says Cage. “I didn’t want to lose the movie, but while doing all those fight scenes, and preparing for it, I was still kind of going through rehabilitation on my leg. Oddly enough, the stunt work actually helped with my recovery, because it got me using those muscles again, and got me functioning again, whereas I’d been in a wheelchair for three months.”

Maybe the National Treasure star should make some sort of stunt-centric instructional video to help others with broken bones.

“Well, it doesn’t seem like something that would actually help, but oddly enough it did,” laughs the Oscar-winner. “It forced me to get moving again and at a very fast pace. I had to get up to speed with those fight sequences, and with very little time, and there was no margin for error. So yeah, I would say it did help, and maybe there’s a version of the world where doing stunt-fighting, and sword-fight work, or whatever it is, for movies, that kind of training, and those kind of skills, could be good for rehabilitation.”

Watch the trailer for Mandy above and check out an exclusive image from director Panos Cosmatos’ film, below.

Credit: Guillaume Van Laethem/RLJE Entertainment