The actor's latest superhero possesses nanite machines that can heal any wound

By Christian Holub
August 06, 2018 at 02:53 PM EDT
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Valiant

A new superhero is on his way.

On Monday, Vin Diesel posted an Instagram video from a movie set in Africa to mark the first day of filming for his upcoming superhero film Bloodshot.

Based on the Valiant Entertainment superhero originally created by Kevin Van Hook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton in 1992, Bloodshot follows a soldier named Ray Garrison (Diesel) who is injected with nanites after getting mortally wounded in battle. These micro-machines give him the ability to regenerate from any wound, as well as the white skin and blood-red eyes that earn him his superhero moniker. In the film, Bloodshot will put his abilities to use by rounding up young superhero outcasts known as “Harbingers.”

“It’s Africa, it’s the morning,” Diesel announced in his Instagram post. “Left the house at 5:45, ready to grind. So excited that I’m able to make movies in my life, to do what I love and every time try to master it a little more. It’s obviously still dark outside in Africa. Got a director here, equally excited, Dave Wilson ready to kill Bloodshot. Day number one. So blessed, so grateful, and as you know we always reach higher to impress you, to make you enjoy these movies even more. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for believing in us.”

As anyone who’s read the comics knows, Bloodshot is a pretty violent superhero. Sony is in fact pursuing an R-rating for the film, following the recent success of R-rated superhero movies like Logan and Deadpool. The new film is directed by Dave Wilson, who is Deadpool director Tim Miller’s partner at Blur Studios.

Sony recently announced that Bloodshot is planned for release on Feb. 21, 2020.