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Talk about a cliffhanger.

On Wednesday night, 2,000 particularly intrepid Mission: Impossible – Fallout fans pulled off the highly improbable by successfully scaling Norway’s famed Pulpit Rock — which sits nearly 2,000 feet above a scenic fjord — for an open-air 11 p.m. screening of the action blockbuster.

Tom Cruise, somewhat surprisingly given his personality-defining death wish, didn’t make the four-hour hike up to the breathtaking cliff (also known as the Preikestolen), instead voicing his support for those who did from the relative safety of Twitter:

Given that he spent a few days last November dangling off its face (just months after breaking his ankle in London), perhaps the seemingly immortal Cruise felt he’d already had his fill of the breathtaking lookout point. No word on whether costar Henry Cavill was in attendance, though Fallout fans already know the actor has previously found himself hooked on Pulpit Rock’s natural beauty.

The cliff is the site of one of Fallout‘s most death-defying stunts in its breakneck, helicopter-happy climax, though director Christopher McQuarrie ultimately chose to transpose the location to Kashmir in India. A Norway Today piece yesterday explained that the screening was in part organized as a way to promote the landmark to worldwide audiences and reaffirm that its real location is above the iconic Lysefjord.

It’s hard to imagine a more thrilling way to honor the daredevil spirit of the Mission: Impossible movies than making the formidable ascent — that is, until you consider these moviegoers then had to look forward to a pilgrimage back down the mountain at about 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning. Thankfully, planners ensured the return trek was illuminated by around 200 spotlights.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout Pulpit Rock Screening
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The Pulpit Rock in Forsand featured in Mission Impossible movie, Norway - 01 Aug 2018
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