By Nick Romano
August 02, 2018 at 02:00 PM EDT

Avengers: Infinity War

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While Leslie Jones was busy live-tweeting her first Avengers: Infinity War experience, she had some things to say about Chris Evans‘ new look as Steve Rogers. “Ladies and gentleman, introducing my motherf–ing husband,” the Saturday Night Live star said in a video of the hero’s first appearance. “Oh my God, Captain America, you are fine as f–. And you got a beard. Motherf–er, yeah!”

Cap was listening.

Evans tweeted back to Jones on Wednesday to say, “What’s truly shocking is that this is EXACTLY what @Paul_Bettany says to me every time I enter a room. Verbatim.”

Bettany concurred, sharing a still image of his character Vision staring at Captain America in Infinity War. “You can see it in my eyes in this shot- I’m only human… well… Kinda,” the actor tweeted.

Jones, in turn, replied to Evans by offering to be his “huckleberry baby!!” Hopefully the Huckleberry Baby Prop shop is fine with this free publicity.

Jones had many more thoughts on Infinity War, which came out on digital platforms this week.

“Too much s—” kept happening, so the comedienne had to split up her viewing over two days. Jones said “goodbye, b—” to Gamora, “what the f—, are you serious right now?” to Doctor Strange, “this is some evil-ass s—” to Thanos’ Outrider army, “all arms on deck, motherf—er” to Scarlet Witch, and “are you f—ing serious right now?” to that cliffhanger ending.

As an added bonus, Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson responded to Jones’ comments on the film’s post-credits scene that hinted at her character’s introduction. “Who was he calling?!” Jones demanded, to which Larson wrote back, “New # who dis?”

The full masterpiece that is Jones’ live-tweeting can be found here.

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