By Nick Romano
August 01, 2018 at 12:56 PM EDT

UPDATE: After stopping her Infinity War watching and live-tweeting partway through the movie, Leslie Jones finished the film on Wednesday night — and yes, she tweeted her reactions. We’ve updated the story below with the rest.

EARLIER: Anyone who’s followed along with any of Leslie Jones’ live-tweets will understand why the following is essential reading: the Saturday Night Live Emmy nominee is watching Avengers: Infinity War for the first time because the film came out as a digital release this week, and it gives the rest of us an opportunity to see Marvel’s grandest superhero mash-up from a different perspective.

Jones may not have initially known that the film begins on Thor’s Asgardian ship and not Asgard itself, but her reactions to “the Thanos dude” are priceless.

“Ok so it’s gonna take me two days to watch this movie y’all too much s– keep happening I can’t take it,” she tweeted at one point. “This muthaf–a done beat up the hulk,killed the gate keeper and Loki! Damn the spoilers this is too much now! Like this dude from jail yo! He don’t give a f–!”

On Thanos wiping the floor with Thor: “WAIT?! He killed Thor too?! What is happening is thanos Trump?! Omg.”

On Peter Parker’s presence: “You guys SPIDER-MAN IN THIS TOO?! Yoooooooooook.”

On Tony Stark suiting up as Iron Man: “I wish I had a suit like this, man. Mines would be purple ‘cause I am a motherf–ing pimp!”

And on Captain America: “Ladies and gentleman, introducing my motherf–ing husband. Oh my God, Captain America, you are fine as f–. And you got a beard. Motherf–er, yeah!”

Instead of curling up with a good book on a rainy day, curl up with Jones’ Infinity War tweets.

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