By Clark Collis
July 24, 2018 at 06:38 PM EDT

Dave Bautista has been making headlines off-screen over the past few days by publicly defending his Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who was cut loose by Disney on Friday for having written controversial tweets. But Bautista has several movies in the pipeline, including the comedy-thriller Stuber — in which he costars with Kumail Nanjiani — and the out-and-out thriller Final Score, which just released its first trailer.

Final Score was tons of fun,” Bautista told EW earlier this year. “Think, Die Hard-in-a-[soccer]-stadium. It feels like an old ’80s, early ’90s action film — and intentionally. We wanted it to be stylistically that way and have that type of feel to it. It’s not the exact same premise [as Die Hard], but it is very similar.”

And Bautista is playing the John McClane role?

“Yes,” laughed the actor. “Yippee ki-yay!”

Final Score costars Pierce Brosnan, Ray Stevenson, Julian Cheung, Lara Peake, Alexandra Dinu, and Ralph Brown. The film will be released in theaters, on VOD, and via Digital HD, Sept. 14.

Watch the trailer for Final Score above.