Welcome to Marwen (2018 Movie)

Steve Carell welcomes you to Marwen in a new trailer for the film directed by Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis.

Marwen, of the titular Welcome to Marwen, is a miniature world Carell's Mark Hogancamp creates to deal with trauma. He was once a prominent World War II artist, but a brutal beating from a group of men left him with loss of memory and mobility. It's through his new form of art that he's able to escape from his reality and, hopefully, come to terms with what happened.

As Mark explains in the trailer, his town is filled with the women in his life, like Anna (Star Wars' Gwendoline Christie), Julie (Moonlight's Janelle Monáe), Caralala (Baby Driver's Eiza González), Roberta (Godless' Merritt Wever), and Nicol (Blockers' Leslie Mann). In doll form, these ladies work as an Inglourious Basterds-esque strike force to help Mark fight Nazis in a WWII setting. As actual women, they help Mark confront his attackers in court.

Zemeckis also wrote the screenplay for Welcome to Marwen, in theaters this Dec. 21, with Caroline Thompson.

This article has been updated with the new release date. 

Welcome to Marwen (2018 Movie)
If Marwencol made your heart go out to Mark, Welcome to Marwen does something quite different. It makes you want to back away from him slowly.
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