By Clark Collis
July 15, 2018 at 07:19 PM EDT
Credit: Barry King/Getty Images

Moon and Warcaft director Duncan Jones has teased that he is adapting the comic book saga Rogue Trooper for the big screen. Rogue Trooper first appeared in the British anthology comic 2000AD in 1981 and concerned a genetically-engineered super soldier with blue skin and a mohawk. The 2000AD character Judge Dredd has previously inspired two films, 1995’s Sylvester Stallone-starring Judge Dredd and 2012’s much more-acclaimed Dredd with Karl Urban, while other notable 2000AD comic strips include Sláine, Strontium Dog, and ABC Warriors.

Earlier today, Jones posted a video on Twitter which shows the back of a seated man, wearing a hat, and looking at computer screens.

“One for them or one for me?” said the ruminatory voiceover accompanying the footage. “One for them or one for me? Studio or wee indie? One for them or one for me? Shall I make a comic book movie? A Marvel film? Or perhaps DC? Image or Dark Horse, maybe? Shirtless Bear-Fighter! was extremely funny. Or, back to my homeland, 2000AD? Sláine, Strontium, or ABC? Dredd was great, but no sequel. Pity. Yes, one from the Mega-verse, now let me see. Who, oh, who should it be?”

Near the end of the video, the man removes his hat to reveal a blue-green mohawk, strongly indicating that Jones is indeed planning an adaptation of Rogue Trooper. The clip concludes with the written message: “If that’s not enough of a clue…”

Jones had previously, if more vaguely, teased the project on July 12. “A little nervous about this, but hell, nervous is where the fun is!” the filmmaker tweeted. “I’m going to be making a comic book movie next! A pretty special one. That’s the initial tease… Second tease to come in a few days!”

Coincidentally, or not, a tweet showing the titular Rogue Trooper on the cover of a vintage 2000AD was posted on the title’s feed earlier today.

Jones is also the director of 2011’s Source Code and this year’s Netflix film Mute.

See both of Jones’ tweets and the one from 2000AD, below.