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Halloween may still seem a scarily long way off, but that hasn’t stopped the horror-oriented imprint Scream Factory announcing that it will release a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of director Michael Dougherty’s beloved October 31-themed anthology movie Trick ‘r Treat this fall. The release will feature new extras, the details of which will be announced in September, and director Dougherty is, according to the Scream Factory Facebook page, “very-much involved.” The national street date is planned for Oct. 9.

The darkly comedic Trick ‘r Treat stars Dylan Baker, Anna Paquin, and Brian Cox and the film’s stories are linked by the character of “Sam,” a mysterious and dangerous character whose head is hidden by a burlap sack. The film received a negligible theatrical release but, over time, has acquired a cult following and is now widely regarded as one of the best horror anthology movies ever made. Dougherty would go on to Krampus and the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

“It’s an honor,” Dougherty said to EW in 2016, about the movie’s growing reputation. “It’s a rarity that a film which took the path that it took managed to become a cult whatever-you-want-to-call-it — I hesitate to use the word classic, but you understand what I mean. It’s just rare to have a film that people really rally around like this. I’m touched.”

See the cover of the just-announced Blu-ray release (with art by Devon Whitehead) below and a vintage trailer for Trick ‘r Treat, above.

Credit: Scream Factory