By Dana Schwartz
June 25, 2018 at 01:55 PM EDT
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“Destiny is something we’ve invented because we can’t stand the fact that everything that happens is accidental.”

Twenty-five years ago, Meg Ryan’s Annie Reed heard Sam (Tom Hanks) talking on the radio in Seattle and realized he might be the person she was meant to be with. “Nora Ephron set out to make something timeless,” producer Gary Foster tells EW. “People do believe people were fated to meet.”

Sleepless in Seattle is a classic romantic comedy — serving up vintage Hanks-Ryan chemistry and an Affair to Remember-style meeting at the top of the Empire State Building — but it could have been even more iconic. A scene featuring Parker Posey was cut from early versions of the film.

Posey played one of the many women who became infatuated with the sweet-sounding widower Sam after hearing him on the radio.

According to Foster, cutting the Parker Posey scene was “heartbreaking.”

“We auditioned her, and Nora fell madly in love with her. As we were cutting for time, we made the decision it had to go.” Fortunately for Ephron, she found a way to work with Posey again, casting her as Hanks’s fiancée Patricia in 1998’s You’ve Got Mail.

Sleepless in Seattle is being released as a special Blu-ray tomorrow in honor of its 25th anniversary.

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