The road trip movie takes a hard, horrifying turn into the apocalypse with The Domestics. This new film stars Kate Bosworth and Tyler Hoechlin as a couple racing through a nightmarish America controlled by sadistic gangs.

“Kate and Tyler play Nina and Mark West,” writer-director Mike P. Nelson explains. “They are a couple who were on the verge of divorce when the world ended. They stick together for survival, but Mark wants to prove to Nina that he still loves her. Together the two of them embark on this crazy road trip to try and reunite with Nina’s parents.”

Though the film has a love story at its core, Nelson says it’s “surrounded by loads of intense action and old-school horror. I wanted to make a movie that did action the old-fashioned way. There is a reality to what’s on screen because it’s all real. Doing almost everything in camera was very important to me, and I think visually makes the movie stand out from the over-processed, computer-generated summer action films. But also, it’s a movie about love and fighting for what’s right in uncertain times. I wanted to tell a story about no matter how bad things can get and that no matter how broken it is, love can still win.”

The Domestics costars Sonoya Mizuno and Lance Reddick, and premieres Thursday night as the opening film of Cinepocalypse 2018 in Chicago.

The movie opens in select theaters June 28 and can be seen on VOD beginning June 29. Watch the exclusive trailer for The Domestics above.