Nothing is scarier than the decline of the aristocracy!

The Little Stranger

A young country doctor (Domhnall Gleeson) visits a crumbling British estate in order to treat the family’s older brother (Will Poulter), suffering from injuries he sustained in World War II. What follows is a series of mysterious and inexplicable events, a haunting of the once-established gentry as they lose their wealth and status.

Based on the 2009 novel by Sarah Waters, The Little Stranger is directed by Lenny Abrahamson (Room, Frank).

The film also costars Ruth Wilson as the family’s daughter, who becomes romantically involved with the visiting doctor, and Charlotte Rampling as the family matriarch who, if you can imagine, is harboring a dark secret.

Watch the trailer above, and check out the creepy poster that features everyone’s favorite Irish redhead crumbling like bad wallpaper:

Credit: Focus Features

The Little Stranger hits theaters on Aug. 13. Until then, watch Crimson Peak and re-read The Remains of the Day to get in the spirit (no pun intended).

The Little Stranger
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