By Christian Holub
June 08, 2018 at 08:55 PM EDT

Damien Chazelle’s last film, La La Land, catapulted him to the heights of Hollywood acclaim and even netted him a Best Director Oscar (though not, as we all found out in the most shocking way possible, Best Picture).

For his next film, Chazelle is going to space — and he’s taking Ryan Gosling with him. As seen above in the new trailer for First Man, Gosling is playing Neil Armstrong, the first human being to set foot on the moon. The clip feature Gosling as the famed astronaut preparing for the most dangerous mission in history — the Apollo 11 spaceflight — as well as Claire Foy in the role of his concerned wife, Janet Armstrong,

Weeks before the trailer debuted, Gosling and Chazelle previewed some early footage at this year’s CinemaCon. There, Chazelle noted how happy he was that the journey to the moon had never been adapted for film before so he could take on the monumental task himself. For his part, Gosling paid tribute to the various travails (glimpsed in the new trailer) that the first astronauts had to go through as they prepared to leave Earth.

“It’s hard to imagine the magnitude of risk, the potential for failure, and the improbability of success when a few pioneers decided to leave Earth entirely,” Gosling said at CinemaCon.

Gosling premiered the clip Friday during an appearance on a special “Game Night” edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where the Oscar-nominated actor divulged that he sustained a minor concussion after spending six to eight hours in a NASA simulation that real-life astronauts spent roughly 20 minutes in.

Watch the trailer above. First Man will launch into theaters Oct. 12.