But actor says he's "not going to hold my breath."


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Last month, writer-director and Guardians of the Galaxy franchise overlord James Gunn tweeted that he thought a film about Dave Bautista’s character Drax “could be incredible.” Now, Bautista himself has confirmed he would be more than happy to star as the vengeance-seeking warrior in just such a Marvel Cinematic Universe project.

“I didn’t realize he’d tweeted about it,” the actor told EW. “We have talked about it quite a bit. I’m not going to hold my breath. I see where they would have trouble fitting it in. I don’t know if Marvel sees me or my character as that type of investment. But, yeah, I would be all up for it. I think [James] wanted it to really go to the Drax the Destroyer formula, where Drax has his violent tendencies. [Laughs] I think he wanted to lean… towards that a little bit, so they could tell the full story of Drax.”

Bautista also confirmed that he will be reprising the role of Drax in the third Guardians of the Guardians film, which is set to shoot in 2019.

“I know that we’re going to start going in to preproduction later this year and we will start filming next year,” he said. “I know James Gunn is writing the script — and to be honest that’s all I know.”

Bautista will next be seen playing a medical orderly called Everest in the action-thriller Hotel Artemis (out June 8), about a secret hospital for criminals.

“I’m a guy who comes from a not-so-great-past,” said Bautista of his character. “Everest was really a product of his violent environment. He was taken in by The Nurse (played by Jodie Foster) at some point, and she gave him a new opportunity at life, and a purpose in life, and I think he’s really proud to be an aspiring health care professional. I think he’s really dedicated and loyal to The Nurse because of that, to the point where he would give up his life for her. She’s is only maternal figure that he’s ever had. That’s the story in my head anyway.”

Watch the trailer for Hotel Artemis, above.

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