By Samantha Highfill
June 04, 2018 at 02:16 PM EDT

Legally Blonde 3 is officially in the works with the original film’s writers, Karen McCullah and Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith, returning and Reese Witherspoon reportedly nearing a deal to do the same. There’s no word yet on whether the third film would incorporate the events of the sequel, which McCullah and Smith did not write, but regardless, we have some things we’d love to see with Elle Woods’ return to the big screen…

– Let’s start with the obvious: Elle Woods is President of the United States. We’d watch it. (But only if the White House has been painted pink.)

– OR, perhaps Elle returns to her roots as a lawyer in order to represent women in the ongoing #MeToo movement.

– Elle performs an updated version of the bend and snap that addresses age. (In other words, it’s not as easy to bend and snap anymore.)

– Paulette is doing her best to become an Instagram celebrity … but it’s not going so well.

– Vivian launches her own beret collection. They’re all in various shades of beige. (Elle’s working with her to add some color.)


– Elle reveals that she got a small tattoo to commemorate Bruiser when he passed.

– A quick catch-up that sees a twice-divorced Warner struggling to find happiness in his boring corporate job. He now wears socks with sandals.

– Elle and Emmett have two daughters. They’re both VERY blonde, and they each have their own tiny dog stuffed animal that they carry around in purses.

– Serena and Margot have started their own fashion line and are insanely successful. Serena brings back this hairstyle:

Alanna Ubach, Jessica Cauffiel, ...
Credit: Legally Blonde: Tracy Bennett

– Brooke Taylor Windham has returned to being the queen of workout videos thanks to the help of her new tagline: “Exercise give you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!”

– Elle wins an argument by using her knowledge of low-viscosity rayon.

– And finally, there’s a very brief mention of Chutney, which reveals that, even in jail, she somehow still has a perm.

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