By Maureen Lee Lenker
June 01, 2018 at 01:30 AM EDT

Black Panther was the big winner at the 19th annual Golden Trailer Awards on Thursday evening, claiming the top prize and four trophies in all, the most of the night. The Disney superhero movie won Best of Show and Best Action for the trailer “Crown,” as well as Best Action TV Spot for a Feature Film (“Entourage”) and Best Music TV Spot for a Feature Film (“Women of Wakanda”).

On the television front, Netflix’s Stranger Things 2 and HBO’s Westworld season 2 took home three awards each.

Held at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, the GTAs honor the best in trailers, TV spots, and other media marketing. Actress and comedian Michelle Buteau (Enlisted, The Tick) hosted the ceremony.

“It was another amazing year for marketers and for moviegoers who love trailers,” GTA founder Evelyn Watters said in a statement. “This competition recognizes a field of artists and editors who toil behind the scenes but are most responsible for filling theaters and getting people invested in what is coming soon to theaters around the world.”

Among studios, Warner Bros. (including HBO and New Line Cinema), Fox (including Fox Searchlight and FX), and Netflix collected 13 awards each. Trailer creators Trailer Park, Mark Woollen & Associates, and Buddha Jones took home nine, seven, and seven trophies, respectively.

The Golden Trailer Awards dole out 108 different awards in all, but only 17 of the categories were presented before a live crowd at the Ace. See a list of winners for the awards presented live below, and visit the GTA website to watch some of the winning entries.


Best of Show
Black Panther, “Crown”
Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Studios

Best Action
Black Panther, “Crown”
Walt Disney Studios
Best Animation / Family
Isle of Dogs
Fox Searchlight
Giaronomo Productions

Best Comedy
Lady Bird
A24 Films
Giaronomo Productions

Best Documentary
Won’t You Be My Neighbor
Focus Features
Mark Woollen & Associates

Best Drama
The Shape of Water, “Escape”
Fox Searchlight Pictures

Best Fantasy Adventure
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, “Expelliarmus”
Warner Bros.

Best Horror
A Quiet Place, “Hunt”
AV Squad

Best Independent Trailer
I, Tonya, “Haters”

Best Music
Baby Driver, “Tekillyah”
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Trailer Park

Best Summer Blockbuster Trailer
The Incredibles 2, “Illegal”
Trailer Park
Best Teaser
Deadpool 2, “Cable Red”
20th Century Fox
Best Thriller
Unsane, “Believe”
Bleecker Street
Buddha Jones
Best Video Game Trailer
Call of Duty: WWII, “Reveal Trailer”
Golden Fleece
The Meg, “Carnage”
Warner Bros. Pictures
Trailer Park
Most Original Trailer
Deadpool 2, “Paintings — Bob Ross Trailer”
20th Century Fox
MOCEAN/Big Picture