Action-thriller also features Jeff Goldblum, Charlie Day, Sofia Boutella, and Zachary Quinto
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Hotel Artemis (out June 8) may not be able to claim the franchise name recognition of a Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or an Ant-Man and the Wasp. But if you’re searching for an action-thriller with an array of extremely well-known faces then look no further than this tale of a secret hospital for criminals whose starry cast includes Sterling K. Brown, Dave Bautista, Jeff Goldblum, and Jodie Foster, who came out of acting semi-retirement to star in writer-director Drew Pearce’s debut film.

“Jodie plays ‘The Nurse,’ who is the woman that runs this secret hospital for criminals in 2028, in this busted old hotel, in downtown Los Angeles,” says Pearce, whose previous credits include cowriting 2013’s Iron Man 3. “Her character is almost symbiotically linked with the hotel. She definitely relies on the hotel to kind of hide her from this tragedy that she went through, the trauma of 25 years ago that changed her life. I’ve never been in a room where Jodie wasn’t the smartest person in there and that’s wildly intimidating for a first-time director as well. She has already been on 10 times more film sets than I will ever be on in my life. But this was also her first time as number one of the call sheet in ages, because she’s been incredibly choosy about roles. I just had to remember that there was something in this material, there was something about this role, that was bringing her out of semi-retirement.”

Watch the new trailer for Hotel Artemis, which introduces the entire main cast (and was inspired by a promo clip for Robert Altman’s Nashville), above.

Hotel Artemis
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