By Chris Nashawaty
May 24, 2018 at 01:00 PM EDT
Aleksandar Letic/Netflix



You won’t see much of Ibiza in the amusingly forgettable singles-ready-to-mingle comedy inspired by its name. It takes a good 45 minutes for the film’s three on-the-hunt New Yorkers (Gillian Jacobs, Vanessa Bayer, and Phoebe Robinson) to blaze their way through Barcelona and its smoldering stable of menfolk first. Once the women do set foot on the Mediterranean paradise, they’re pretty much relegated to a thumping nightclub where they do Ecstasy, make a series of bad decisions, and take an empowering sort of joy in embarrassing themselves.

Written by Lauryn Kahn and directed by Alex Richanbach, this Netflix romp is the sort of silly schizophrenic shambles you get when you spice up wheezy rom-com clichés with a pinch of Hangover raunch (there’s one hilarious hotel semen-stain gag, and a bird poops in Bayer’s mouth). But most of the laughs are milder than that, even with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay producing. More than anything, the film feels a bit like a trial balloon for the relative star power of Jacobs, who’s been promoted from best friend to headliner here. As a somewhat neurotic pushover who finally stands up to her overbearing boss after meeting and falling for an impossibly charming world-famous DJ (Richard Madden), the Community actress is appealing enough to deserve a second shot, preferably in a slightly better movie. B-


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  • 05/25/18
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