By Derek Lawrence
May 22, 2018 at 11:09 AM EDT
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Wayne’s World 2 director Stephen Surjik believes that if you’re going to borrow from a film, then you borrow from the best. And that’s exactly what he and Mike Myers did with The Graduate.

For EW’s “Untold Stories” series on memorable film and TV weddings, Surjik and star Tia Carrere looked back on re-creating the “most famous wedding ever.”

“We were trying to be as accurate as we could to the original, so when we did deviate, we had at least earned the right to deviate,” Surjik said of paying homage to the wedding scene in Mike Nichols’ Oscar-nominated film. That meant tracking down the same car and school bus, and even having Myers and Carrere keep the same amount of eye contact as Dustin Hoffman and Katharine Ross.

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While Surjik was honored to do the re-creation, the tribute was lost on his leading lady. “At that point, I really didn’t want to watch the film, because I didn’t want to ape what Katharine Ross had done,” says Carrere, who starred as Cassandra. “And then, when I saw [Wayne’s World 2] afterwards, to see it back-to-back with the scene from The Graduate, it’s amazing what they did.”

Almost 25 years after the last film, the actress says she’s ready for another go-around. “Cassandra and Wayne are meant to be together forever,” she declares. “Let’s do part three.”

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