Charlie Hunnam (King Arthur) is risking everything to escape incarceration and take his best buddy, played by Rami Malek (Mr. Robot), along with him in the first trailer for Papillon.

The remake of 1973 classic is based on a true story and directed by Danish filmmaker Michael Noer; the film is an adaptation of Henri Charrière’s autobiography, which tells the story of the Parisian safecracker as he is framed for murder and repeatedly tries to escape his life sentence in French Guiana. In a role made famous by Steve McQueen in the original film, Hunnam plays Charrière or Papillon/”Papi” (French for “butterfly”) as he’s affectionately known by the other inmates, while Malek takes on the role of fellow convict Louis Dega. Together they dream of escaping of their brutal imprisonment, enduring solitary confinement, violence, and appalling conditions along the way.

“We became pretty inseparable,” Malek tells EW of his time on set with Hunnam. “We had a very type of brotherly relationship where we could really take the piss out of one another. We became really close by the end of it so saying goodbye was quite sad because the story really infiltrated our personalities. This movie’s all about human resilience and depending on someone in the most dire circumstance, and that’s a story worth telling.”

Get a glimpse of that “human resilience” in the action-packed trailer above, and see the whole story unfold when Papillon hits theaters Aug. 24.

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