By Joey Nolfi
May 21, 2018 at 04:10 PM EDT

America may not have a royal family, but we do have Jennifer Lopez — the next best thing to a queen. So it makes sense that the internet would find a way to link the wedding dress worn by the “Dinero” diva in the beloved rom-com The Wedding Planner to Meghan Markle’s marital gown.

After the Suits actress officially tied the knot with Prince Harry at Windsor Castle on Saturday, social media users quickly drew comparisons between her white Givenchy dress and a similar design J. Lo rocks during a key scene from the 2001 movie.

“I didn’t like Meghan Markle’s dress as much as I wanted to until I saw this,” journalist Amy Odell wrote on Instagram, alongside a side-by-side shot of both ladies’ looks. Shortly after, the visual traveled through the Twittersphere, with several users latching on to the similarities between the shoulder cut of both pieces and their identical veils.

Though the designs bear similarities, it’s unclear whether Markle came to the hours-long ceremony prepped with a fanny pack filled with Evian spritzer and Super Glue — just in case Harry accidentally obliterated the nether regions of a palace sculpture at the reception.

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Markle wasn’t the only one whose royal threads were affectionately compared to pop-culture touchstones. A pregnant Pippa Middleton — sister of Prince William’s wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge — wore a mint-green, florally accented dress to the nuptials, which reminded some observers of a can of Arizona green tea.

Furthermore, Markle’s second wedding dress — a reception gown designed by Stella McCartney — was compared to an eerily similar item worn by Evan Rachel Wood on a recent episode of HBO’s Westworld.

“I’m scared for Prince Harry,” one Twitter user wrote, posting photos showing Wood — who plays a cunning android on the show — and Markle rocking identical necklines with the shoulderless dress. “That dress looks familiar,” added another, while including video of another Westworld star, Talulah Riley, wearing the same piece.

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