BRB, booking my flight to Aldovia

By Dana Schwartz
May 18, 2018 at 03:40 PM EDT

A Christmas Prince

Move over Meghan and Harry, because the only royal wedding worth caring about will be streaming on Netflix this holiday season. A Christmas Prince, the imminently binge-able and obsession-worthy Netflix movie about an American journalist (Rose McIver) who falls in love with a European prince (Ben Lamb) is officially getting a follow-up with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding.

In an announcement video released Friday on Twitter, Amber and now-King Richard (remember? Amber was able to find his late father’s final wishes hidden in an ornamental acorn which prove that even though Richard was adopted, he was still next in line and he was crowned at an impromptu holiday session of Parliament) are watching this weekend’s Harkle wedding on TV (what, no invites for Aldovian royalty?). While little sister Princess Emily pokes fun at Princess Beatrice’s now-infamous headwear from Prince Willian and Kate’s 2011 nuptials, Amber does what she does best: taking vague, obvious notes on her laptop and contemplating Converse as formal wear.

No word yet on whether we’ll get to see a Madelvian wedding in a follow-up from of Lifetime’s My Christmas Prince.

A Christmas Prince

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