By Chancellor Agard
May 03, 2018 at 10:00 PM EDT


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Trevor Jackson is a special kind of hustler in the first full trailer for Superfly, which EW can exclusively debut.

In Director X’s remake of the 1972 film, the Grown-ish star plays Youngblood Priest, a sleek Atlanta drug dealer looking to make one big score before he leaves the game for good. But judging from the trailer, that won’t be as easy as it sounds, especially once a Mexican cartel gets involved.

Written by Alex Tse, the new Superfly differs from the original (spelled Super Fly) in several ways. Most importantly, it’s set in Atlanta, Georgia, instead of Harlem, New York. “Atlanta today is kind of what Harlem was back then in the ’70s,” Director X tells EW. “The music of the city is the music of the world. The culture of the city is the culture of the world. Trends that happen in Atlanta reverberate around the planet. So when we were looking for a place to set this movie again, Atlanta made a lot of sense. I mean, there’s a Whole Foods on 125th St. [in Harlem]. It’s just not the same. Times have changed. We’ve had to move with the times.”

As we see in the trailer, the remake also boasts way more action than the original, which was a new experience for Jackson, who performed most of his own stunts. “Every fight scene and every running through areas [scene], it was all me. I gotta say that because I’m still sore from it,” he says. “I definitely learned that this is not a joke. I definitely got beat up, but it was amazing to be on the other side of it and see how the stuff works.”

Thankfully, Jackson has a background in martial arts, which helped. For example, there’s a scene in the movie (glimpsed in the trailer) where Priest spars with his mentor, Scatter (Michael Kenneth Williams). “That was awesome. That was treacherous,” Jackson says of shooting the scene with Williams. “We were there all day. Michael is super-funny. When you gotta work long hours, it’s always best when you get to work with awesome, genuinely cool and kind people. We were just laughing the whole time [and] having a good time. It was great.”

Superfly, which also stars Jason Mitchell as Priest’s best friend, Eddie, hits theaters June 15. Watch the new trailer above.


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