A new featurette about Solo: A Star Wars Story shows the smuggler learning his Wookiee co-pilot’s name for the first time.

After Chewbacca roars his moniker, Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo winces. “You’re gonna need a nickname because I aint saying that every time.”

Thus, the birth of “Chewie.”

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Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

With the movie’s May 25 release fast approaching, director Ron Howard lays out the ways this Star Wars stand-alone film will delve into the history of the scoundrel-turned-hero.

We see Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian laughing at Solo’s name, we watch Han’s death-defying leap from a hovership to the roof of the speeding Conveyex train, and there’s even footage of Han as a soldier, apparently on the battlefield of the mud-soaked mining world Mimban, where he watches in horror as a variation on the chicken-legged AT-ST leaps from the sky to a rocky outcropping.

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Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

There’s also a scene of Han coming face-to-face with a giant, waterlogged, centipede-looking alien in what appears to be a massive sewer, flanked by a crew of other unsavory creatures.

“He does these stupid things that should never work. And they do!” Qi’ra actress Emilia Clarke says in the video. “And he does it with bravado!”

We also see a little bit of Lando’s smoothness, as he romances an alien woman during his underground sabacc card game with a kiss on her hand. As we learn in Daniel José Older’s new Han and Lando novel Last Shot, the future Cloud City impresario has a special place in his heart (and bed) for extraterrestrial lady friends.

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Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

There are also some remarkable shots of Solo’s industrial homeworld of Corellia, a ship-building planet where the Empire constructs its immense fleet.

One opening shot shows some curious dome-like structures being lifted into the sky. These are the shield generators that sit atop the command module of Star Destroyers. (And hey, doesn’t that look like the John Hancock Center skyscraper from Chicago in the background?)

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Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

In addition to learning how Han Solo built himself from the ground up, we’re also going to get a sense of how the Empire came to establish its iron grip over the galaxy.

Watch the featurette above for more.

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