By Mary Kate Carr
April 27, 2018 at 09:19 AM EDT


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There’s nothing stronger than brotherhood — though, if you stumble upon an alien weapon, that helps, too.

In Kin, a young boy (Miles Truitt) reunites with his brother (Jack Reynor), who has just been released from prison. Despite warnings from his father (Dennis Quaid) to stay out of trouble, Truitt finds an otherworldly weapon while exploring an abandoned building. As it turns out, that weapon will come in handy to protect his brother, who still owes money to some shady characters, including a menacing, gun-toting James Franco.

As Truitt gets in over his head the more he’s involved with Reynor’s dealings, it becomes two brothers against the world, the powerful weapon attracting the attention not only of Reynor’s enemies, but also the U.S. government — and whatever mysterious fighting force that left the weapon behind in the first place.

“He’s going to figure it out eventually,” Zoe Kravitz warns Reynor of his younger brother. “I hope you’re ready for that.”

Kin premieres Aug. 31. Watch the trailer above.


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  • PG-13
  • Jonathan Baker
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