Those who stay through the very end of Avengers: Infinity War awaiting the post-credit scene may notice something very curious in the endless scroll of names.

There’s a copyright notice acknowledging a “character” from Arrested Development.

The most common reaction is: Huh?

But yes, there is a hidden figure from the comedy embedded in Infinity War. To keep this spoiler free and protect those who may have stumbled upon this story unwittingly, we’ll reveal who and where it is after the jump.

Also: Why?

Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/©Marvel Studios 2018

Final spoiler warning … continue reading at your own risk!

Let’s start with the “why.” What’s an Arrested Development joke doing in Infinity War?

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo also directed more than a dozen episodes of the series, including its pilot. In Civil War, they sneaked Michael Bluth’s stair-car into the airport battle sequence.

In Infinity War, the homage is even more subtle. When Star-Lord, Gammora, Drax, and Mantis venture to Knowhere to stop Thanos from stealing the red Reality Stone from The Collector, they pass by a slumped figure in one of the glass enclosures.

That figure is supposed to be Tobias Fünke in his “Blue Man” paint — although co-screenwriter Stephen McFeely tells EW it’s not actually actor David Cross. And the yellow light of the enclosure makes it hard to discern the bright blue skin color.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, David Cross, Jason Bateman, 'The One Where Michael Leaves', (Season 2), 2003-,
Credit: Everett Collection

That’s by design, too. They wanted to make it hard to find, both as a reward for multiple viewings, and to avoid an obvious distraction.

Maybe a purple space tyrant like Thanos would spare a similarly hued Earthling. Who can say?

The fate of Tobias is uncertain. But EW has it on good authority that another Arrested Development Easter Egg has already been set up for next year’s Avengers sequel.

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