By Derek Lawrence
April 27, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT
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American Pie was plenty filthy, so much so that upon first glance, one of the film’s stars thought it was porn.

Taking part in PeopleTV’s Hollywood’s Greatest Untold Stories, Thomas Ian Nicholas and Tara Reid, who starred as couple Kevin and Vicky, looked back on the 1999 hit comedy, including Nicholas’ initial reaction to the raunchy script.

“So I open up the first page and it was Kevin and Vicki, and Vicki was giving Kevin some instructions on how to use his fingers,” he shared. “I immediately closed the script, threw it in the trash, called my agent, said, ‘Why are you sending me porn? No thank you.'”

Clearly, Nicholas was eventually convinced that it was a real Hollywood film, but that wouldn’t mean there weren’t “uncomfortable” moments along the way.

“I think the most embarrassing part for that was when I was at the premiere with my parents,” says Reid, referring to an intimate scene between the two actors. “Because it’s not just a sex scene, it’s a little deeper than that, so I think that made me most shy.”

To hear more from Reid and Nicholas, watch the full video above.

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