'[It's] not the piece of sh-- "Virus" I made in the 1990s and I apologize for it."

By Nick Romano and Piya Sinha-Roy
April 25, 2018 at 02:43 PM EDT

Halloween (2007 movie)

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Jamie Lee Curtis wants to make one thing clear about the new Halloween reboot: “[It’s] not the piece of s— Virus I made in the 1990s and I apologize for it.”

The actress, returning 40 years after John Carpenter’s original horror film to reprise her role as Laurie Strode, debuted the first footage from the new film during a panel at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. According to Carpenter, who is also returning as an executive producer, this Halloween ignores most of those sequels. So the trailer shown for fans on Wednesday begins with a true-crime documentary team investigating the incident from 40 years ago.

These investigators visit Michael Myers, who’s being held in a facility, and hold out the infamous mask that now strikes fear in horror movie fans everywhere. The movie’s plot stems from this documentary production coming to their town to interview the survivors. Obviously, things go wrong.

Andi Matichak plays Laurie’s granddaughter, and she and her Haddonfield friends are discussing how Laurie survived the incident, which has become a small-town legend. Laurie, however, is prepared for if (and when) Michael comes a’knockin’.

“Do you know I’ve prayed every night for his escape?” she asks a police after, amid footage of her practice shooting.

“Why would you do that?” he asks.

“So I can kill him.”

Fortunately for her, Michael’s bus crashes and, after taking care of the true-crime team, is ready for a return.

“This movie is hella scary,” Curtis told the audience. “I just used a young person word and I’m almost 60. You guys tweet that I said hella.”

David Gordon Green is at the helm of Halloween, which is scheduled for release — surprise, surprise — this Oct. 19. Judy Greer also features as Laurie’s daughter.

“I first played Laurie Strode when I was 19 years old…1978, we had no money when we made Halloween,” Curtis recalled, noting how “even Michael Myers’ mask was originally a William Shatner mask picked up at a local store.”

“So now,” she continued, “as a 59-year-old woman, when they came to me and said they wanted me to play Laurie again, I heard what they said and said yes immediately. … Except for Star Wars, I can’t think of another movie where the same actor is playing the same part 40 years later.”

One thing’s for sure: “It’s going to scare the living shit out of all of you,” Curtis promised.

Halloween (2007 movie)

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