Cats! Trippy artwork! Demented salsa dancing!

By Devan Coggan
April 24, 2018 at 03:20 PM EDT
Credit: Michael Hickey/WireImage

Please follow Anthony Hopkins on Twitter.

Yes, he is an acclaimed, Oscar-winning actor with a decades-long career on the stage and screen, and sure, he’s been knighted, and yeah, he’s been hailed as one of the world’s greatest living actors. But the true measure of Sir Anthony Hopkins’ genius is his beautiful, thoughtful, and fabulously bizarre Twitter account. If you have not been following Anthony Hopkins on Twitter, I am sorry, for you have been missing out on almost two years of strange selfies, psychedelic artwork, and motivational speeches from Wales’ most distinguished 80-year-old star.

Hopkins’ Twitter made the news recently when he posted a delightfully demented video of himself, rocking out to some very energetic salsa music. Posted on the day of Westworld’s season two premiere, the video sparking a flurry of confused media coverage, leading to headlines like “Anthony Hopkins startles fans with erratic viral video” and “Anthony Hopkins’ strange dance video horrifies fans on Twitter.”

But if this strange and wonderful video is your only exposure to Hopkins’ Twitter account, please allow me to be your guide through the depths of his timeline, where you will find literally countless gems of inspiration and delight.

Here he is enjoying his solitude.

Here he is eating cake.

Here he is staring plaintively into the distance next to a Christmas tree, trying to conjure thoughts of wisdom and sagacity.

Here he is looking “a touch wistful,” which is also what I want the title of my debut smooth jazz album to be. The album artwork will be this photograph of Anthony Hopkins.

Here he is reciting romantic poetry by Ernest Dowson in a Los Angeles parking lot.

Here he is offering words of wisdom, accompanied by a beatific and peaceful selfie.

Here he is with his cat, enjoying a peaceful rainy day in California. Look at that smile!

Here he is mastering the art of the Twitter humble brag, while also posing with some of his paintings. (His Twitter is FILLED with his artwork, and it’s a colorful, trippy view into the mind of a genius.)

And finally, here he is reflecting on his childhood, while also sharing a particularly delicious-looking baked good.

In conclusion, Anthony Hopkins is better at Twitter than all of us, and we are lucky to live in an age that allows such a brilliant mind to directly share his innermost thoughts and wishes with us. You can follow him here. Enjoy.