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Seventeen years is an eternity in comedy. But apparently there were still enough die-hard fans of the 2001 comedy Super Troopers to bust their piggy banks and pony up for the largely crowd-funded Super Troopers 2. Unfortunately for them, it’s probably too late to get their money back.

Released somewhat fittingly on 4/20, the high holy day on the calendar for stoners, the latest slapdash effort from the Broken Lizard comedy troupe (Club Dread, Beerfest) isn’t aggressively terrible or outrageously offensive. It’s just harmless, pointless, and meh. You’d think with 17 years at their disposal these guys would be able to come up with some jokes that weren’t so half-baked and dumb. Alas, this is low-hanging fruit all the way.

Back in 2001, the first Super Troopers at least came with a sense of discovery. It was an out-of-nowhere DIY cult hit pitched at 13-year-old boys – or the men who still thought like them. It was also sharper and more charmingly silly than the belated and still-amateurish sequel. The only real silver lining is that serious, capital-A actor Brian Cox is back to cut loose with the gang of arrested-development knuckleheads.

All these years later, the guys are no longer Vermont state troopers. They were kicked off the force in disgrace after an unfortunate accident involving Fred Savage (if you want to know just how unfortunate, stick around for the end credits). But they’re called back into action (by the ageless former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, no less) when it’s discovered that a section of Canada on the Vermont border is actually American soil and is about to be annexed by the U.S. government. And the usual gang of idiots are just the ones to patrol the disputed turf. Again, they had 17 years to come up with this.

What follows is a barrage of gags about the metric system, penises, female hormone drugs, and the way our neighbors to the north say “sorry.” Trust me, they think it’s more hilarious than you probably will. The gang (which includes director Jay Chandrasekhar, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, and resident oaf and Curly Howard wannabe Kevin Heffernan) is joined by Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui and Rob Lowe as a nefarious small-town Canadian mayor with a goofy wig. Lowe is definitely in on the joke here — such that it is. But even he seems unsure of what he’s gotten himself into. This makes his turn in Tommy Boy look like Shakespeare. Sadly, it’s also the best performance in this mess. C

Super Troopers 2
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