Deadpool 2Zazie Beets and Ryan Reynolds
Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

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Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) isn’t always the best team player. But in Deadpool 2, which opens May 18, he’s forced to be a little friendlier.

“Wade has settled into his new life and new looks and settled into everything else in particular his relationship in a pretty positive way,” says Reynolds. “But he’s also a victim of his own hubris once we start the movie and that’s what sort of creates the conflicts and the issues he has to deal with.”

The main conflict is time-traveler Cable (Josh Brolin), who has come back from the future because of a superpowered teen Russell (Hunt for the Wilderpeople‘s Julian Dennison). “They both have their competing agendas: one is to capture the kid and one is to save the kid,” says director David Leitch (Atomic Blonde). “He’s valuable to both of them in different ways it becomes personal for both of them.”

To fight Cable, Deadpool ends up forming his own superhero team called the X-Force, including Domino (Atlanta‘s Zazie Beetz). In the exclusive above image, Deadpool channels the clasic 1989 film Say Anything to try and get Colossus to join the group. Says Reynolds, “There are a lot of different nods to films that we all loved growing up.”

Deadpool 2
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