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The mustache rides again!

On Friday, the Broken Lizard comedy quintet return with Super Troopers 2, 16 years 
after their flagship quotable cult hit. In the new film, the titular Troopers are reinstated to handle a border dispute with Canada. Below, the men cop to embarrassing scenarios 
and open up aboot — er, about — themselves below.

Best Ongoing Bit From the Franchise
Patrolling long stretches of highway can get boring, so the Troopers like to mix things up with games — one of which has become a staple of the franchise. “We get meowed at all the time,” Steve Lemme (Trooper Mac) says. “People either do the meow properly, which is substituting the word meow for now, or they get it completely wrong and just start throwing in random meows.” Like right meow?

Most Likely to Talk 
His Way Out of a Ticket
Lemme is lucky his Troopers fame spared him from ending up on the wrong side of the law when police caught him going 120 mph a few years ago. “The cop came to the window super pissed,” Lemme says. But then apparently the policeman recognized him. “‘Super Troopers?! Oh man, you guys are hilarious. We play all those games — Meow and the Repeater.’ I said, ‘What about Bulletproof Jockstrap?’ and he’s like, ‘We’re not 
 that f—ing crazy.’ Then he let me out of the ticket.” Jay Chandrasekhar (Trooper Thorny) comes in a close
 second after getting caught smoking a joint on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. “The cop walked up, knocked on the window, shined the light into the car, and there’s still smoke wafting,” Chandrasekhar says. “He points the flashlight at me and goes, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, sir, you have a good evening.’”

Best Joke That Got Cut From the Sequel
The fact that Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske) is far from a rookie
 in this sequel doesn’t keep the Troopers from hazing him. But instead of covering him in shaving cream, this time it’s strategically placed à la Varsity Blues, attracting a wayward bear that stumbles into their new Canada-set police station and thinks the shaving cream 
is ice cream. Dismayed, the animal was supposed to start whacking at Rabbit with its bear claws. Alas, the joke was axed, as Chandrasekhar, 
who directed the sequel, quite literally didn’t want to poke the bear.

Best Use of a Prosthetic
Rob Lowe co-stars in the film as hockey player-turned-mayor Guy Le Franc, who also owns 
a brothel. Nudity abounds, leading to a hilarious bit where the Parks and Recreation alum uses a prosthetic penis as a punching bag. Seriously. “We couldn’t stop Rob [from punching it],” Paul Soter (Trooper Foster) says with
 a laugh. “At one point, he pitched us that there should just be a teaser trailer of 
 him doing the speed bag 
 on the prosthetic with 
 no other context.”

Most Likely to Embarrass Himself in Public
According to the guys, Kevin Heffernan is most similar in real life to his character, Trooper Farva: obnoxious and full of shenanigans, sometimes to his own detriment. It’s at least something he was willing to admit — in part because there are witnesses. Soter says he once saw Heffernan pick up a newspaper box in New York City and “hurl it into the middle of Lexington Avenue. He turned into the Hulk.” Piling on, Lemme recalls a time when the gang was walking down the street in Boston: “Kevin stepped into a pothole and twisted his ankle and said, ‘F—ing Boston!'” Want proof? EW has an exclusive first look at a NSFW featurette about this very topic:

Most Likely to Get Catfished
Spoiler Alert: Not everyone is who they say they are in the sequel. It’s a lesson Lemme learned the hard way IRL. “Tony Danza sent me an autographed headshot that said, ‘I’m a big fan of your work, let’s have lunch sometime,'” Lemme says. “I immediately called up each of these guys and said, ‘Did you send this to me?’ So I framed it and put it on my wall, and after a year, Jay finally confessed. It broke my heart.” Adds Soter: “That’s good old-fashioned analog catfishing.”

Worst Excuse Given for Why They’ve Never Filmed Potfest
Broken Lizard’s 2006 film Beerfest concludes with a tag that tees up a marijuana-
centric sequel that’s never come to fruition — for dubious reasons. “We only get 30 pages in, and then we’re too high to remember to finish,” Chandrasekhar says of the script. “If enough people go to Super Troopers 2, then we’re hoping Warner Bros. will call 
us up and say, ‘Let’s make Potfest.’” The guys already have 
a movie title in mind, Lemme says: Potfest: Beerfest Part II, 
 a play on Rambo: First Blood Part II. And the title of the potential Super Troopers threequel? “Super Troopers 3: 
Winter Soldiers, Dead of Winter, 
 Mustache Icicles,” Chandrasekhar quips. “The tagline: Boy, it’s cold out here. Hope you brought your gloves!”

Super Troopers 2 hits theaters on Friday.

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