Film costars Missi Pyle, Harry Hamlin, and Lin Shaye

What can we tell you about the new comedy, Director’s Cut? Well, we can tell you that it stars Penn Jillette — who also wrote the movie — Missi Pyle, Harry Hamlin, and Lin Shaye, among others. We can also tell you that Director’s Cut is released in select theaters on May 10 and 11 and on VOD and Blu-Ray/DVD combo on May 29. But as for the actual plot of this strange-sounding enterprise, we thought it best if director Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, this year’s The Last Movie Star) fill you in.

Director’s Cut is a movie about a film-obsessed stalker who is played by Penn Jillette and is fixated on his favorite actress, Missi Pyle,” says Rifkin. “He gains access to the set of her current film by contributing to that movie’s crowdfunding campaign. Once on set, he kidnaps her, steals all of the footage from the film, and, in his dungeon-movie studio, he films additional scenes of the movie, casting himself opposite his captive leading lady as the romantic hero. He takes footage from the real film and footage from his amateur production, and cuts them all together into his version of a director’s cut.”

See? That’s why we got him to explain it.

You can receive further enlightenment by watching the new (expletives-featuring) trailer for Director’s Cut, above. You can also see the movie’s new poster by artist Johnny Tabor, below.

Credit: Johnny Tabor