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In director Dean Devlin’s new thriller Bad Samaritan, David Tennant plays a serial killer whose murderous habits are accidentally discovered by Robert Sheehan’s burglar.

“The writer is a man named Brandon Boyce, and many years ago he did a film with Bryan Singer called Apt Pupil,” says Devlin, whose previous credits include producing the original Stargate movie and Independence Day. “I nearly financed the film with Roland Emmerich (director of Independence Day), because we were so in love with the script. Ultimately, they got a better offer, and they made it elsewhere, but I always loved his writing, and we stayed friends. A couple of years ago, he called me up, and he said that he had just finished a spec script, and before he sent it to market, he wanted me to read it and give him some advice. So, I read the script and said, ‘My advice is, you don’t show this to anyone, because I’m buying it from you right now!’ [Laughs] I just fell madly in love with it and said, ‘I’m making this movie.'”

According to Devlin, the casting of Tennant as the film’s super-intelligent villain was a no-brainer.

“I’m a big Doctor Who nerd,” says the filmmaker. “I fell in love with him when he started playing that role, then I saw him playing Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, and of course the incredible performance he did in Broadchurch. He literally became my favorite actor, and I was desperate to work with him. So, we set up this Skype call — he was in the UK, I was here — and we’re speaking on Skype, and I’m trying not to fanboy, you know, I’m trying to act like a serious director. But I just couldn’t take it, and at some point, I opened my shirt and exposed that I was wearing a Doctor Who T-shirt, at which point he pointed out that I had the logo for the Eleventh Doctor, and he was the Tenth Doctor. [Laughs]. But luckily he forgave me and he still agreed to do the movie.”

Watch the film’s trailer below and a just-released clip, above.

Bad Samaritan is released in cinemas, May 4.