Vera Farmiga costars in the road-trip comedy


This is not the Christopher Plummer the world is used to. The Oscar-winning actor has appeared in more than 100 films, and he’s perhaps most famous for his dashing portrayal of Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music and his more recent takeover of Kevin Spacey’s role in All the Money in the World, in which he played the notorious J. Paul Getty.

But this summer, Plummer will hit theaters as a wisecracking, weed-dealing grandpa in Boundaries. Putting an irreverent spin on the classic road-trip movie, the film follows Jack Jaconi (Plummer) and his formerly estranged family as they drive across the country. Vera Farmiga plays his daughter, who is forced to reunite with her, shall we say, non-traditional father after he’s kicked out of his nursing home, for reasons not entirely unrelated to the weed dealing. The family dynamic is what caught Farmiga’s eye from the very beginning.

“I think most of us need decoders to understand our parents, and I’m always drawn to stories that coax me to see my parents for who they really are,” the actress tells EW. “I think what I connected to with this movie is the idea or notion that as you grow older, the roles really start to reverse: Your parents stop being the big bosses, and it’s you that has to make the decisions. And the switch is awkward for everyone.”

In the case of the family in Boundaries, the role reversal is made all the more awkward by Jack’s total disregard for keeping his thoughts to himself — and, of course, all the pot. As Laura (Farmiga) drives him to California, along with her son and a few too many of their rescue dogs (which Farmiga calls “the most comforting thing about the shoot”), they wind up taking a few unplanned stops to visit Jack’s old friends (and make some secretive drop-offs). When they finally arrive in Los Angeles, Laura finds herself in the midst of an unplanned reunion with her ex, played by everyone’s favorite on-screen bad boy, Bobby Cannavale.

As seen in the new trailer, Plummer’s octogenarian drug pusher tosses out more than a few biting one-liners — “You’re like the pied piper of mange” — but Farmiga insists that behind-the-scenes, he was all sugar and no spice.

“We clicked right away; me with Plummer is like a dog left alone with his hamburger,” she jokes. “The world just drops away, and I eat him up because he’s so delicious. Don’t let his prestige and his fancy-schmancy aura fool you. He’s a clown, he’s a jester, the sort of person you just laugh with most of the time. He’s the goddamn life of the party still at 88.”

Boundaries opens June 22. Watch the trailer above.

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